Solvent Protocol

What is Solvent Protocol?

Must know: For the scope of our v1, the Solvent platform will always mint 100 droplets for any NFT that is deposited, irrespective of the rarity in the attributes. Our v2 and next iterations will include mechanisms where the rarity in the NFTs will also be considered while minting droplets. Please DYOR before transacting :)
Solvent is a platform to enable index funds for NFTs on Solana. Any NFT holder that wants liquidity out of their NFTs can deposit their NFT asset into its particular NFT collection on Solvent (bucket) for minting fungible tokens (droplets) of that particular NFT project in exchange. These fungible tokens are tradable on Serum orderbooks just like any other tokens on Solana. This means that these droplets can be used for all DeFi applications and on-chain protocols. For a quick primer on using the Solvent platform, watch the video below.
How to use Solvent Protocol to get instant liquidity to your NFTs on Solana

Getting Started

Not sure how to use Solvent? Follow our detailed guides...

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