Solvent Protocol


Buckets are vault-like collections of NFT projects on Solvent. Every NFT project on Solana will have its own bucket on Solvent. For minting fungible tokens of the NFT project (droplets), one needs to deposit their NFT asset into its suitable bucket.
For eg. If one has a Degen Ape NFT and is looking for some liquidity through Solvent, they can do so by going to the Degen Ape bucket and depositing the NFT to mint fungible droplets of the Degen Ape project, let's say $DAPE.
Some points to remember for Buckets:
  • Once you deposit an NFT to any bucket for minting droplets, you lose ownership of that NFT.
  • The smart contract allows permissionless creation of buckets by anyone, but the buckets listed on the Solvent platform will only include the buckets that are created by the Solvent team.