Solvent Protocol

$SVT token

$SVT is the Solvent platform's governance token. Some of the benefits of holding the governance token are:
  • Governance: $SVT token holders will be able to vote on the project proposals that will drive the future direction of the Solvent platform.
  • $SVT Staking: A portion of the minting fees that will be charged by the Solvent platform, in the form of droplets, will be used to open market buybacks of $SVT token by distributing them to the $SVT stakers.
    For example, for every bucket created on the Solvent platform, if 10,000 droplets are collected as fees for minting droplets, a portion of those 10,000 droplets will be distributed to the users who will stake their $SVT tokens.
  • Discounts on minting fees: The $SVT token holders will be eligible for discounts on minting fees charged by the platform based on the number of tokens they own.
Tokenomics: Coming soon