Solvent Protocol

Exchange droplets with $USDC

Good to know: The Swap is powered by orderbooks on Serum. Also goes without saying, this is not a financial advice. Please do your own research before transacting :)
Users can swap their droplets to $SOL using the Swap feature on the Solvent platform. Here's a short example explaining the same.
Droplets are just like any other fungible tokens on the Solana blockchain. They're tradable on Serum orderbooks and so everyone can buy and sell droplets via Serum orderbooks in the open markets.
Currently, for all the droplets of NFT projects on Solvent, we have their market paired with $USDC. This means that traders can buy droplets with $USDC and also sell their droplets for receiving $USDC.
For swapping and trading the droplets, there are two ways:

1 - Swap the droplets with $USDC using the Solvent Swap

Step 1 - Visit our app at and open the Swap tab.
Step 2 - To see the Swap feature, make sure you have connected your wallet to the app. We recommend using the Phantom wallet.
To swap the droplets for receiving $USDC, simply choose the droplet pairs and add the quantity of droplets that you'd like to swap.
Sometimes, due to low liquidity and high slippage, you may see transaction failures. Such as here:
You can increase the slippage by pressing the "settings" icon and manually adjusting it
NOTE: When you increase the slippage, in most cases, you might receive fewer tokens for the same price than you should have received. Please do your own research before transacting on Solvent.

2 - Trade droplets with $USDC on Aldrin DEX

We have also our droplet pairs listed on Aldrin for everyone to trade using their beautiful DEX interface. DEX will provide advanced features like setting limit orders and so.
Step 1 - Visit the DEX on and click on the "Trade" option in the above navigation menu.
Step 2 - Click on the dropdown menu here to see all the Serum market pairs and below, search for the droplet pairs that you wanna trade. For eg. for Pesky Penguins, the droplet ticker is $PSK, so simply search $PSK in the dropdown menu.
After searching, select the search result to start trading with those droplets.
Step 3 - Choose the order type. There are two primary types of orders one can place for trading any tokens.
  1. 1.
    Market order: Buy the tokens at whatever price its currently running. Useful when buying the droplets is more important than the price. Note that sometimes due to high volatlity, you may end up paying extra for the tokens as the price fluctuates rapidly.
  2. 2.
    Limit order (Recommended): Buy the tokens at a price that you set. Useful when you want to pay only upto a certain amount for the tokens. Note that sometimes if the trading price of the token does not reach the price at which you've set the limit order, the trade may never happen and you may not get the tokens in that case.
Depending on the order type you want to go with, choose the order type at the bottom right section as highlighted below:
Step 4 - For placing the orders, in case of a limit order, simply enter the maximum price at which you want to buy/sell tokens, enter the quantity, and press on buy/sell button to trade.
Step 5 - Similarly in case of market orders, you can simply enter the quantity of tokens to buy, and you'll see the price you have to pay for buying at whatever the current trading price at that moment will be.
While trading, users can also look at what the current orderbook for a droplet looks like. They can see all the buy/sell orders that the other users have placed.
For additional details on how to trade tokens on Aldrin DEX, please visit their docs here: