Solvent Protocol

Sell your NFTs instantly

Good to know: For every NFT deposited, one receives 100 droplets, 2% of which are subtracted as minting fees of the platform.
Once the NFT is deposited for minting droplets, the user will lose ownership of their NFT.
In this guide, you will learn how to sell your Solana NFTs instantly using Solvent.
For a video guide, please watch the following video:
Refer to this video for a video guide on how to sell your NFTs instantly
Users can mint 98 droplets of any NFT project by depositing their NFTs to the Solvent buckets. Here's a short example explaining the same.
Step 1 - Visit our app at and open any relevant bucket.
Step 2 - Open the bucket of the NFT project that you're looking to mint droplets of.
Step 3 - Connect your wallet with the app. We recommend using Phantom wallet.
Step 4 - Go to the Owned tab and make sure that you can see the NFT that you want to liquidate here.
Step 5 - For liquidating the NFT, click on the "Mint 98 droplets" button. You'll see a popup/message on your wallet for approving the transaction. You'll lose the ownership of this NFT and in exchange, receive 98 droplets of that project.
After approving the transaction from your wallet, you'll see two messages of "Transaction sent" and "NFT redeemed", if your NFT purchase was successful.
After the successful transaction, you'll have received instant liquidity for your NFT with 98 droplets of that project. You can also see that you will lose ownership of the NFT.
If you do not see successful message of "Droplets minted" but instead see "Droplet mint failure", please write to us about it here at this messenger assistant and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!