Solvent Protocol

Staking $SVT to earn platform revenue

In this guide, you will learn how to stake $SVT tokens to earn a portion of platform revenue.
$SVT token holders can stake their $SVT tokens to receive a portion of the minting fees that will be charged by the Solvent platform.
You can stake your $SVT on
When you unstake your SVT tokens, you will receive your initially deposited quantity of SVT tokens along with your share of platform revenue that is accumulated over time.
There are two types of staking:
  • Flexible staking - You can stake your SVT tokens to receive xSVT tokens that represent your share in the pool. You can unstake your SVT tokens at any time, thus has a lower APY % as compared to the Locked staking.
  • Locked staking - You can stake your SVT tokens any time but will not be able to unstake the tokens until a certain date that is predetermined by the Solvent team. For the current staking round, the date happens to be 31st March, 2022. It means that you will only be able to unstake your tokens after that date. Because of this form of staking being locked in nature, the APY % is higher there.